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New American Museum Of Natural History Exhibit Aims To Change The Public’s Perception About Sharks

Even earlier than the film “Jaws,” sharks have been held in public fascination way back to people have been exploring the world’s oceans. A brand new exhibit on the American Museum of Natural History in New York City dives additional into how these animals took place, modified over time and what they’re dealing with right this moment.

Having opened on December 15, 2021, “Sharks” highlights the range of those creatures by means of dozens of life-sized fashions that vary in dimension from 5 inches lengthy to 33 ft in size. The exhibition will even present a have a look at their prehistoric and fashionable species, their habitats and looking types and the conservation threats that sharks face right this moment. 

Along with offering scientific data, the exhibit is designed to debunk incorrect perceptions about sharks. It is to clarify why sharks are important within the pure world and why they shouldn’t be thought-about as a significant menace to people.

“The perception of sharks—that they are large, vicious predators to be feared— couldn’t be farther from the truth,” said John Sparks, a curator within the museum’s Department of Ichthyology and curator of “Sharks,” in a media launch. “Sharks and their relatives are an incredibly old, diverse group of organisms that are critical to maintaining the health of the ecosystems they inhabit.”

“In fact, humans are much more of a threat to sharks than they are to us,” added Sparks. “We hope people walk away from this exciting exhibition with a new appreciation for sharks and understand they are magnificent creatures that should be revered, not feared.”

Visitors to “Sharks” will discover the anatomy, variety and habits of sharks and their family by means of encounters with tiger sharks, nice whites and different well-recognized species. The exhibit will even introduce ones that may not be as generally identified to most of the people, together with the torpedo ray and the longnose chimaera. Then there’s the tiny dwarf lanternshark, which glows at midnight and is sufficiently small to carry in your hand. 

“Sharks” will showcase fossils from the museum’s intensive collections, present museum analysis and a “parade” of sharks highlighting historical and fashionable shark species. One species inside this cavalcade is the prehistoric mega-predator megalodon. Referred to because the “Tyrannosaurus rex of the seas,” the megalodon was so massive that it preyed on whales. 

Media projections, video and a 37-foot-long, 10-foot tall projection display screen spotlight the range of sharks swimming in Earth’s waters right this moment. Scenes on this set up and a portion of different footage all through “Sharks” have been offered by Discovery’s “Shark Week.”

Visitors will expertise the “Sharks” exhibit instantly upon entry, with media shows of sharks gliding alongside them. A touchless interactive exhibit of a life-sized shark offers an inside have a look at shark anatomy and biology, together with the number of methods by which totally different shark species produce offspring.

“Sharks” is open to the general public on the American Museum of Natural History now by means of August 14, 2022. The museum is situated at 200 Central Park West. Museum hours, ticket data and visitation insurance policies referring to COVID-19 protocols can be found through the museum’s web site.

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