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‘Don’t Look Up’ Review: Tick, Tick, Kablooey

Movies like to menace Earth. It’s human nature. In a number of the most believable doomsday flicks — “Meteor,” “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” — an enormous house rock threatens annihilation. Usually, if not at all times fortunately, somebody lastly involves the rescue, although that isn’t the case within the 1951 movie “When Worlds Collide.” Before it makes good on its title, this shocker rockets survivalists on an ark to colonize one other planet, which is kind of what Elon Musk has talked about with Space X.

The director Adam McKay is just not within the temper for nihilistic flights of fancy. Our planet is just too pricey and its future too terrifying, because the accelerated tempo of species extinction and world deforestation underscore. But humanity isn’t focused on saving Earth, by no means thoughts itself, because the current Glasgow local weather summit reminded us. We’re too numb, dumb, powerless and detached, too busy preventing trivial battles. So McKay has made “Don’t Look Up,” a really indignant, deeply anguished comedy freak out about how we’re blowing it, hurtling towards oblivion. He’s sweetened the bummer setup with loads of yuks — good, dangerous, detached — however when you weep, it might not be from laughing.

Maybe carry hankies, although don’t search for speeches about local weather change and world warming. Rather than immediately confronting the existential horror of our environmental disaster, McKay has taken an allegorical method in “Don’t Look Up” with a world-destroying comet. Oh certain, on its web site, NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office (sure, it’s actual) isn’t fearful about near-Earth objects, as they’re referred to as: “No known asteroid larger than 140 meters in size has a significant chance to hit Earth for the next 100 years.” Whew. But irrespective of. The planet is on fireplace, and so is McKay, who’s embraced his interior Roland Emmerich (“2012”) with a fury by lobbing an excellent large joke at us.

That joke is certainly on us or quickly shall be in “Don’t Look Up,” which follows a studiously curated ragtag assortment of scientists, politicians, army sorts, journalists and miscellaneous others who face — or don’t — the specter of a quickly approaching comet. “I heard there’s an asteroid or a comet or something that you don’t like the looks of,” a visibly bored president of the United States (Meryl Streep) says to some anxious scientists who’ve been granted an imperial viewers. The scientists actually don’t like what they’ve seen however the president has different issues on her thoughts, together with upcoming elections and the pleasant perv she’s attempting to get positioned on the Supreme Court.

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